What We’re All About

America The “Great”? is a blog that I have started to create a place where conversation and discussion can be started in order to inform people of current events going on in the US whether it be Politics, crime, world events, etc. I believe that there needs to be an open environment when talking about certain topics because as we all know politics can be an area where people get very heated. When discussion moves from constructive debate to hateful, and toxic you lose the ability to inform others of issues and move to just incoherent, useless yelling. I hope to inform people through this blog on the current issue facing the US internally, and externally. I believe that a nation must have informed citizens, and voters so that people know what their votes are counting towards and what issues are important.

A little info on me then. I am currently in college studying History and Political Science. That OBVIOUSLY doesn’t make me an expert and I am by no means claiming that title. 20 years old living in North Carolina, I plan to become a history professor or possibly go into politics, not sure. either way, thank you for coming to the blog I hope you enjoy the discussions that come and hit that follow button if you like and share with your friends.

Thank You- Justin M.


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