Welp…That Just Happened. What Now?

First I’d like to say that I’ve been distracted lately with school and other responsibilities so I haven’t been able to post recently about the lead up to last night’s election I do apologize and hope to have more time to this blog in the future.

As I’m sure all of you know, last night after what seemed like a nail-biting race that was never going to end; Donald Trump became the President Elect of the United States with 279 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 228. Now no matter what side you’re on congratulations are in order for Mr. Trump and his supporters. This was not an easy victory by any means. But I’m not going to keep it a secret that I personally was not a supporter of Mr. Trump and that I saw a lot of what this Blog is against in his policies and ideals. Policies of hate speech and the use of Fear mongering in order to herd his supporter into following him.

I’m no Political Scientist so I won’t be discussing the numbers of states really in that way but just know that Trump won last night because of Voter turnout. Whether it was high or low in certain demographics, that is why we saw these results. Trump’s legions of white voter’s flocked to the polls in unprecedented numbers while key voting groups for Clinton either didn’t come out (The African- American vote) or were torn between her and the 3rd parties Stein and Johnson (Millennials).

Now with Trump behind the wheel what should we expect from him? Well in his address to a crowd of about 500 people in the ballroom of the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center he spelled out the fist 100 days of the Trump Presidency.

This involved his usual spiel about removing illegal immigrants through an “extreme vetting” process saying that, “We want people who love our country or who can love our country,” he said. “There are ways of determining that.” which just sends shivers down my spine as to what exactly that means. Trump hasn’t and more than likely won’t back down on issues like these, especially with a unified Republican House and Senate behind him.

Some other ideas that came from his speech include the limitation on term limits in congress, and media mergers like the recent AT&T, Time Warner merge. While I do agree with a limitation on Congressional terms, his continued attack on the “corrupt media” and how they are “poison the mind of the American voter” concerns me as much as his comments on vetting immigrants.

And of course Trump and the GOP plan to take a giant eraser to the last eight years of President Obama. Repealing Obamacare, and several Executive orders of President Obama’s. This was maybe the most predictable thing Trump was going to do with his time in office.

The one thing that terrifies me the most is Donald Trump’s unpredictable nature. No one quite knows what he’s going to do and honestly I’m not sure he does either. This entire campaign he hasn’t given details to any of his policies. Only that he will not do it the way Clinton and Obama had and he’s going to do it better. Whatever Trump does just know that we can and will remain together and strong. Just because the country is led by a hateful fear-monger does not mean we also have to hate.

-Justin Ryan Moser (Founder of America the “Great”?)


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