Why Russia Shouldn’t Abandon Syria.

Currently, the international community is in an uproar after a chemical attack occurred in Syria last week along with a subsequent retaliation strike from the US military on a Syrian Airbase.

Russia, in response to the US strike, said that the attack was against international law and many critics of the US are pointing to the events leading up to US involvement in Afghanistan as evidence against the claim that Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad was behind the chemical attacks.

Others are suggesting that the Syrian government had nothing to gain from an attack like this. The Assad regime was winning on fronts against ISIS and the Rebels and gaining support from Russia. This attack only weakens their stance internationally.

The theory from those who don’t blame Assad is that Rebel forces planned the attack in order to force more US engagement. With Donald Trump ready and eager to prove himself amidst Russian scandals it was inevitable.

Now with Russia against the US and pressure mounting in the region and against Assad internationally, many are telling Russia to abandon their support for Assad. This, I believe would be an utter mistake that would lead to more death and violence against the Syrian people.

With Russia on their side, Syria has a very large and ominous bodyguard to protect against any further international military action. Trump is trying to come out on top of the situation and save face with his voters by succeeding in Syria. What does success mean in Syria now though?

It used to mean defeating ISIS and giving power back to the democratic systems. But with Assad possibly painting a giant target on his back, the police dog that is the US military now has a new goal, toppling the Assad regime.

Now if there’s one thing the US likes doing but is really bad at doing successfully, it’s effectively toppling and replacing regimes. Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran. All perfect examples of how this usually goes for the US.

We send in the military, waste American lives, local civilian lives, all to eventually break through and take down a dictator or give local rebels the ability to do so. But, instead of sticking around longer than a few months to make sure that a stable government is set in place, we leave a petri dish with everything needed to create extremists groups like ISIS and Al-Queda.

Either way, the Syrian people will continue to suffer more and more. Whether ISIS is allowed to abuse the weak pseudo government we leave behind or from a failed war. Russia needs to stand beside Syria in order to prevent further violence in the region. This will eventually blow over and let’s be honest, Russia isn’t looking too hot in the international community anyway so what’s a little bit longer?


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