If You Think Russia is Enemy No. 1, You’re Wrong.

Recently among different media outlets, Russia has become a word dropped more and more in reference to our main adversary, or the biggest problem facing America right now. This, however, is not the case. It is true that Russia is a threat to the United States and the Democracy that we have, however, Russia is nothing outside of that. Russia is a bully, Russia is big, Militarily speaking, but the country has been in slow collapse since the fall of the Soviet Union. Russia needs to influence our elections and place people who wish to do business with Russia in seats of power to even matter anymore. This being the case Russia has no strong basis other than their military and their election interference, with which to influence the global World.

So, if Russia is no longer the primary enemy or adversary rather, to the US then who is? China. China over the last few years has slowly increased their efforts to become a global powerhouse in economic and military might. Just recently they have stepped up their efforts to get a Global Trade network established between the US and the Eastern World. This trade deal would have cemented them in the top place within the region with the US tagged on for good politics. With the inauguration of President Trump however, this trade deal was backed out of and the top seat was given to China and China alone. Given this economic footing, China would have an even greater seat at the Global table. Something that the United States cannot afford what with the recent remarks from German Chancellor Angela Merkel about how the European Union can no longer rely on the United States with Donald Trump at the fore-front.

The US is slowly loosing allies, slowly loosing position in the Global World, and slowly being crushed under the weight of a Chinese government who is very ready and prepared to take the mantle from the US while we wait to hear what Russia and the Trump Campaign may or may not have done. Behind Donald Trump and his idea of isolationism and “America First” We will lose our global footing and once we realize what’s happened there will be a long road ahead for the United States to travel before we can be at the helm of the Global world again.

So what do we do? We continue the fight at home. Fighting policy with policy and hitting back at the Republicans and Trump. If we can continue to influence how we run things on a domestic level, and possibly a foreign one too. We can at least have a base from which to build on once these four years are over. Democrats cannot waste time waiting for the Russia trial to burst and impeach Trump because there is a good chance that never happens with a Republican run Congress.

Trump’s political agenda for the United States coupled with the ambition and influence of the Chinese is leading to a very bad situation for the US.


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