The Battle for Healthcare

The Republican Healthcare bill that Senate Republicans have been concocting for months behind closed doors without hearings or debates was finally revealed to the world yesterday and just like the House bill, it’s not looking good for a lot of Americans.

The House Bill would have put nearly 23 Million people off of health care coverage through Medicare and Medicaid cutbacks. Most of these put in place by Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Senate bill still cuts back on Medicare and Medicaid (Two things Trump promised not to cut back) but does so over a period of 10 years. This does not however take away from the fact that those people will still be affected by this bill and loose coverage. Much of the outrage over this bill has been the ability for states to back out of offering coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. This was something else Republicans promised, to keep those with pre-existing conditions covered. This exemption also goes to those who might need coverage the most, those with Cancer or other expensive treatments. All this cut back has to be going towards something right? Right.

Included in the bill would be a tax break of nearly $700 billion to the top 25% income bracket. In order to make such a large tax cut for the rich, they had to stop spending somewhere and to do it the Republicans hope to pass this train-wreck legislation and continue on with a few political points in their pocket at the cost of millions of lives. This outrageous tax cut for the rich and the whole bill throws into question who the Republicans and Trump actually care about. That being said where do the people stand on this bill?

While there isn’t any polling yet for the Senate Version of the bill. Nearly 48% of people disagreed with the House Bill of a similar state according to a new NBC Poll. With so many people against this bill and only negative outcomes for most of the Republican and Trump bases some people are asking, “Why not let the Republicans jump off this cliff?” It’s probably true that this bill is going to cost republican’s big time in the coming months and especially in the 2018 mid-term elections where this bill, if passed, will dominate Democratic talking points. However, this is too important to simply let happen in order to make it easier on Democrats in the coming election cycle.

That being said in order to pass the bill the Republicans need 52 votes if they loose more than three Republicans then the bill will not pass. 4 republican senators are already saying they cannot support the bill in it’s current state. But with only a week to debate the bill many are unsure if a compromise can be found. A list of the senators and their states will be listed at the end of this post should you wish to call your Senator and give your opinion.

This weekend and the coming days before the vote are going to be the most critical ever for healthcare, so if you oppose this bill now is the time to take action.

Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah Are the senators who do not support the bill.


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