The Battle for Healthcare

The Republican Healthcare bill that Senate Republicans have been concocting for months behind closed doors without hearings or debates was finally revealed to the world yesterday and just like the House bill, it’s not looking good for a lot of Americans.

The House Bill would have put nearly 23 Million people off of health care coverage through Medicare and Medicaid cutbacks. Most of these put in place by Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Senate bill still cuts back on Medicare and Medicaid (Two things Trump promised not to cut back) but does so over a period of 10 years. This does not however take away from the fact that those people will still be affected by this bill and loose coverage. Much of the outrage over this bill has been the ability for states to back out of offering coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. This was something else Republicans promised, to keep those with pre-existing conditions covered. This exemption also goes to those who might need coverage the most, those with Cancer or other expensive treatments. All this cut back has to be going towards something right? Right.

Included in the bill would be a tax break of nearly $700 billion to the top 25% income bracket. In order to make such a large tax cut for the rich, they had to stop spending somewhere and to do it the Republicans hope to pass this train-wreck legislation and continue on with a few political points in their pocket at the cost of millions of lives. This outrageous tax cut for the rich and the whole bill throws into question who the Republicans and Trump actually care about. That being said where do the people stand on this bill?

While there isn’t any polling yet for the Senate Version of the bill. Nearly 48% of people disagreed with the House Bill of a similar state according to a new NBC Poll. With so many people against this bill and only negative outcomes for most of the Republican and Trump bases some people are asking, “Why not let the Republicans jump off this cliff?” It’s probably true that this bill is going to cost republican’s big time in the coming months and especially in the 2018 mid-term elections where this bill, if passed, will dominate Democratic talking points. However, this is too important to simply let happen in order to make it easier on Democrats in the coming election cycle.

That being said in order to pass the bill the Republicans need 52 votes if they loose more than three Republicans then the bill will not pass. 4 republican senators are already saying they cannot support the bill in it’s current state. But with only a week to debate the bill many are unsure if a compromise can be found. A list of the senators and their states will be listed at the end of this post should you wish to call your Senator and give your opinion.

This weekend and the coming days before the vote are going to be the most critical ever for healthcare, so if you oppose this bill now is the time to take action.

Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah Are the senators who do not support the bill.


If You Think Russia is Enemy No. 1, You’re Wrong.

Recently among different media outlets, Russia has become a word dropped more and more in reference to our main adversary, or the biggest problem facing America right now. This, however, is not the case. It is true that Russia is a threat to the United States and the Democracy that we have, however, Russia is nothing outside of that. Russia is a bully, Russia is big, Militarily speaking, but the country has been in slow collapse since the fall of the Soviet Union. Russia needs to influence our elections and place people who wish to do business with Russia in seats of power to even matter anymore. This being the case Russia has no strong basis other than their military and their election interference, with which to influence the global World.

So, if Russia is no longer the primary enemy or adversary rather, to the US then who is? China. China over the last few years has slowly increased their efforts to become a global powerhouse in economic and military might. Just recently they have stepped up their efforts to get a Global Trade network established between the US and the Eastern World. This trade deal would have cemented them in the top place within the region with the US tagged on for good politics. With the inauguration of President Trump however, this trade deal was backed out of and the top seat was given to China and China alone. Given this economic footing, China would have an even greater seat at the Global table. Something that the United States cannot afford what with the recent remarks from German Chancellor Angela Merkel about how the European Union can no longer rely on the United States with Donald Trump at the fore-front.

The US is slowly loosing allies, slowly loosing position in the Global World, and slowly being crushed under the weight of a Chinese government who is very ready and prepared to take the mantle from the US while we wait to hear what Russia and the Trump Campaign may or may not have done. Behind Donald Trump and his idea of isolationism and “America First” We will lose our global footing and once we realize what’s happened there will be a long road ahead for the United States to travel before we can be at the helm of the Global world again.

So what do we do? We continue the fight at home. Fighting policy with policy and hitting back at the Republicans and Trump. If we can continue to influence how we run things on a domestic level, and possibly a foreign one too. We can at least have a base from which to build on once these four years are over. Democrats cannot waste time waiting for the Russia trial to burst and impeach Trump because there is a good chance that never happens with a Republican run Congress.

Trump’s political agenda for the United States coupled with the ambition and influence of the Chinese is leading to a very bad situation for the US.

The Evolution of a Revolution: What do we do now?

I think if America has learned anything from these recent election cycles it is this, VOTERS MATTER. Voters matter, we matter because we control who gets into the offices. It’s why millions of dollars are spent to sway our opinion in hopes we vote for the candidate the parties want. What happened this election though? In my opinion, I think the Democratic party pushed Clinton on to a people who did not entirely wanted her. The Democratic party was split right down the middle between Clinton supporters and Bernie supporters. With that kind of split, it is very hard to throw major support behind one candidate, especially one like Clinton who some thought had her own issues in the first place. Things like Wall Street money and support worried many (myself included) that Clinton was not really there for the people. Bernie’s policies spoke to people, the same way Trump spoke to millions of people as well. I believe this is the reason we saw such an increase in third party voters. People who were so opposed to Clinton saw Johnson and Stein as outlets for protest votes. These are the people who matter these voters and from now on I think we will be taken more into account.  There is a very large group of people in the US who are tired of the Government not listening anymore. These two candidates Bernie and Trump offered to be there for the people to clear swamps and get rid of the corruption and money in politics. That is a hard message to quell back once it gets into the minds of the individual voter.

There is a very large group of people in the US who are tired of the Government not listening anymore. These two candidates Bernie and Trump offered to be there for the people to clear swamps and get rid of the corruption and money in politics. That is a hard message to quell back once it gets into the minds of the individual voter. This idea will appear more and more in campaign speeches from now on I believe to again try and sway us to vote for those politicians. So now we will have to stay informed and as a group who supported Bernie or even Trump. Those of us fed up with Government corruption from Wall Street or big companies funneling money into campaigns. What should we do in order to make our wishes heard? To make those ideas a reality?

  1. Get Informed, Stay Informed, And VOTE!

The best way to make sure the things you want to get done in congress is to put the people you support in the positions to do so. Research politicians up for election and see what they did in the past, what they have done recently, who and what they support. Go to the opposite side of the aisle to see what their opponents say against them, and see if there is any proof to back up those claims. Once you think you’ve gotten enough information to make and educated decision at the ballot. DO IT AGAIN! Once you’ve done it again then go and vote for your representative and get them in office.

2. Contact Your Representatives.

If there isn’t an election coming up then you need to contact your local representative and tell them how you want them to vote on issues. They may not listen but hey, you can vote them out next cycle. This also requires you to stay informed about what is being voted on in congress. If you’re not informed then you can’t do much to effect what is going on in the House and Senate. Keep your Representative responsible as well. If they do something that you disagree with, Then tell them! Write letter after letter, to get your point across.

3. Get Involved in The System.

If you are still not impressed with what is going on with your representative, then get involved in the system yourself! Volunteer with local groups designed to campaign for causes, these groups tend to hold more sway since they are large bodies of voters. They can sometimes start fundraisers for campaign funds for certain representatives. You can get involved in a campaign as well, supporting your representative of choice during their campaign is a great way to show support and get your name out should they be elected. Finally, if all else fails and you feel the need you can run for office yourself! Get started local and work your way up to get your ideas into congress and listen to your constituents and voters! 

As a people, the government is here to serve us. This is not a business where we are customers. We are the bosses and we have lost that position over time by not caring and just letting things happen in congress without our knowledge. Someone once said something to me along the lines of “If you don’t like where you’re at, and don’t take the steps to get somewhere else, then don’t bitch.” That statement applies to many areas in life and very much to politics and your place within it as a voter. So if you’re one of those people who supported Bernie or Trump because you were upset with your government for not listening to you then take the steps to change your position involved in the system by staying informed, voting, and calling out your representatives.

Why Russia Shouldn’t Abandon Syria.

Currently, the international community is in an uproar after a chemical attack occurred in Syria last week along with a subsequent retaliation strike from the US military on a Syrian Airbase.

Russia, in response to the US strike, said that the attack was against international law and many critics of the US are pointing to the events leading up to US involvement in Afghanistan as evidence against the claim that Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad was behind the chemical attacks.

Others are suggesting that the Syrian government had nothing to gain from an attack like this. The Assad regime was winning on fronts against ISIS and the Rebels and gaining support from Russia. This attack only weakens their stance internationally.

The theory from those who don’t blame Assad is that Rebel forces planned the attack in order to force more US engagement. With Donald Trump ready and eager to prove himself amidst Russian scandals it was inevitable.

Now with Russia against the US and pressure mounting in the region and against Assad internationally, many are telling Russia to abandon their support for Assad. This, I believe would be an utter mistake that would lead to more death and violence against the Syrian people.

With Russia on their side, Syria has a very large and ominous bodyguard to protect against any further international military action. Trump is trying to come out on top of the situation and save face with his voters by succeeding in Syria. What does success mean in Syria now though?

It used to mean defeating ISIS and giving power back to the democratic systems. But with Assad possibly painting a giant target on his back, the police dog that is the US military now has a new goal, toppling the Assad regime.

Now if there’s one thing the US likes doing but is really bad at doing successfully, it’s effectively toppling and replacing regimes. Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran. All perfect examples of how this usually goes for the US.

We send in the military, waste American lives, local civilian lives, all to eventually break through and take down a dictator or give local rebels the ability to do so. But, instead of sticking around longer than a few months to make sure that a stable government is set in place, we leave a petri dish with everything needed to create extremists groups like ISIS and Al-Queda.

Either way, the Syrian people will continue to suffer more and more. Whether ISIS is allowed to abuse the weak pseudo government we leave behind or from a failed war. Russia needs to stand beside Syria in order to prevent further violence in the region. This will eventually blow over and let’s be honest, Russia isn’t looking too hot in the international community anyway so what’s a little bit longer?

Syria, Russia, and The US: The Effects of US Engagement in The Middle East

On Tuesday, April 4th the world paused for a second as reports came out of a devastating chemical attack which took place in northwestern Syria killing at least 89 people including 10 children. In response to this attack which is currently being blamed on the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, The United Nations held an emergency meeting on Wednesday the 5th.

During this meeting, Syria and Russia both denied their involvement in the chemical weapons attack. Assad Blames Syrian rebels for the attack, and some believe him, others obviously do not. Some point to the war in Afghanistan for its similar start saying this to is a “false flag” operation to increase US involvement in Syria. President Trump in a response speech said that “Today’s chemical attack in Syria against innocent people, including women and children, is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world.”

Trump, following suit with his speech launched a military strike against Syria. 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles were launched bombarding the airbase in Syria where the chemical attack originated killing 6. Russian forces were also located at the base but the US said that the Russians were warned prior to the attack.

However, a Russian representative said in a statement the next day that he believed the attack “represents an agression against a sovereign state in violatio  of international law under a far-fetched pretext.”

Tensions have risen between the three powers in recent days as the international community attempts to wrap it’s head around the situation. If you’re interested in more on the subject here’s an opinion piece on Why Russia Shouldn’t Abandon Syria.

Welp…That Just Happened. What Now?

First I’d like to say that I’ve been distracted lately with school and other responsibilities so I haven’t been able to post recently about the lead up to last night’s election I do apologize and hope to have more time to this blog in the future.

As I’m sure all of you know, last night after what seemed like a nail-biting race that was never going to end; Donald Trump became the President Elect of the United States with 279 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 228. Now no matter what side you’re on congratulations are in order for Mr. Trump and his supporters. This was not an easy victory by any means. But I’m not going to keep it a secret that I personally was not a supporter of Mr. Trump and that I saw a lot of what this Blog is against in his policies and ideals. Policies of hate speech and the use of Fear mongering in order to herd his supporter into following him.

I’m no Political Scientist so I won’t be discussing the numbers of states really in that way but just know that Trump won last night because of Voter turnout. Whether it was high or low in certain demographics, that is why we saw these results. Trump’s legions of white voter’s flocked to the polls in unprecedented numbers while key voting groups for Clinton either didn’t come out (The African- American vote) or were torn between her and the 3rd parties Stein and Johnson (Millennials).

Now with Trump behind the wheel what should we expect from him? Well in his address to a crowd of about 500 people in the ballroom of the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center he spelled out the fist 100 days of the Trump Presidency.

This involved his usual spiel about removing illegal immigrants through an “extreme vetting” process saying that, “We want people who love our country or who can love our country,” he said. “There are ways of determining that.” which just sends shivers down my spine as to what exactly that means. Trump hasn’t and more than likely won’t back down on issues like these, especially with a unified Republican House and Senate behind him.

Some other ideas that came from his speech include the limitation on term limits in congress, and media mergers like the recent AT&T, Time Warner merge. While I do agree with a limitation on Congressional terms, his continued attack on the “corrupt media” and how they are “poison the mind of the American voter” concerns me as much as his comments on vetting immigrants.

And of course Trump and the GOP plan to take a giant eraser to the last eight years of President Obama. Repealing Obamacare, and several Executive orders of President Obama’s. This was maybe the most predictable thing Trump was going to do with his time in office.

The one thing that terrifies me the most is Donald Trump’s unpredictable nature. No one quite knows what he’s going to do and honestly I’m not sure he does either. This entire campaign he hasn’t given details to any of his policies. Only that he will not do it the way Clinton and Obama had and he’s going to do it better. Whatever Trump does just know that we can and will remain together and strong. Just because the country is led by a hateful fear-monger does not mean we also have to hate.

-Justin Ryan Moser (Founder of America the “Great”?)

Black Lives Matter and Cops

In recent weeks tensions have risen in America between the African American population and law enforcement across the country. This recent burst of anger comes from yet another pair of black men being gunned down in this country. Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile were both victims of police shooting this week which led to a series of anti-police brutality, and Black Lives Matter protests across the US. One such protest was ended abruptly with gunfire as 5 Officers were killed by gunman Micah Johnson. It’s clear that this violence, on both sides, stems from racial tensions that go back farther than any of us can remember. These days it’s not as blatant but it’s still there causing big issues.

Alton Sterling was shot several times by police officers who thought he was reaching for his gun which in the video he appears not to be moving his arms. Alton Sterling’s death was quickly defended by bringing up the man’s less than pristine history with the law. This does not justify a murder, let me make this clear that whatever wrongdoing a person has done in their life does not make it ok for them to be gunned down by law enforcement without the proper procedure for arresting, or handling these kinds of situations.

Philando Castile was shot in the chest shortly after being pulled over for a traffic stop. Castille was licensed to carry a concealed weapon which he informed the officer about. Castile was then ordered to retrieve his license and registration but was shot when he went to reach into his back pocket. The officer thought he was reaching for his weapon and shot him. Castile had no record for the media or any other nay-sayer to show, this was a simple case of racism coming out in the form of fear.

This is always the case in these shootings, that people are always thought to be reaching for a weapon and that’s why they are killed. Fair enough, police do have one of the most dangerous jobs and it’s very likely that they could also be killed. I had a friend remind me after these shooting that there was once a rally for the confederate flag dilemma that took place last year in Georgia where many of the white protesters were carrying their weapons with them. One famous photo was captured showing a protester with his hand ON HIS PISTOL, while an assault type weapon can be seen slung over his shoulder. Yet besides clearly wanting to take his weapon out and gun down the Anti-Confederate flag protester this man lives and does not have several gunshots in his body. I’m sorry but this seems insanely hypocritical to me and it’s a blatantly obvious case of racism in the justice department.


Now after these shootings occurred there were 5 officers shot in Dallas during a peaceful protest. The shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson was a military veteran who after an investigation was found to have a grudge against white people in America from the recent outburst of black people deaths from police, and specifically targeted white police officers in this shooting. Eventually, Johnson was killed by an explosive device attached to the arm of a bomb-defusing robot. This attack is also an extension of the racial tensions between the black community and law enforcement. This is disheartening for all involved and these shootings are something that you don’t want to happen in America.

What this all comes down to is that we as a country need to come together and have a conversation about this racism of all kinds and levels. To come together and change and love one another. Hate only creates more hate, but if we stop the hate and live peacefully this never has to happen again. My thoughts go out to the families of Castile, Sterling, and the 5 officers shot in Dallas in hopes that this racial disparity can be solved soon.

What We’re All About

America The “Great”? is a blog that I have started to create a place where conversation and discussion can be started in order to inform people of current events going on in the US whether it be Politics, crime, world events, etc. I believe that there needs to be an open environment when talking about certain topics because as we all know politics can be an area where people get very heated. When discussion moves from constructive debate to hateful, and toxic you lose the ability to inform others of issues and move to just incoherent, useless yelling. I hope to inform people through this blog on the current issue facing the US internally, and externally. I believe that a nation must have informed citizens, and voters so that people know what their votes are counting towards and what issues are important.

A little info on me then. I am currently in college studying History and Political Science. That OBVIOUSLY doesn’t make me an expert and I am by no means claiming that title. 20 years old living in North Carolina, I plan to become a history professor or possibly go into politics, not sure. either way, thank you for coming to the blog I hope you enjoy the discussions that come and hit that follow button if you like and share with your friends.

Thank You- Justin M.